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Could you use a keynote presentation that’s funny, insightful & memorable?

Are you tired of the same old “death by Powerpoint” keynote presentations?

Do you want to have your attendees laughing, but still walk away having learned something they can use right away?

If so, you need to book speaker, hypnotist, and author Jack Hirsh. In his motivational presentation – which provides laughs and impactful lessons in equal measure – your team will learn the real secrets of meeting their goals, including:

  • How to set goals you can achieve
  • Why failure and success occur in the mind
  • Tips for dealing with setbacks
  • Using visualization to reach any goal

Best of all, Jack demonstrates these points in a fun, memorable way by using hypnosis and making your attendees the highlight of his performance.
This is a clean, business-friendly keynote unlike anything you’ve seen or heard before. Using comedic skills sharpened in hundreds of shows, Jack teaches your audience about the power of the subconscious mind and the way it shapes our day-to-day lives.

“Our ‘All Employee Meetings’ are held twice a year with approximately 350 participants…  My initial thought was to bring in a Hypnotist for the entertainment side of the meeting, and having department representatives speak to the informational piece.  We were ecstatic with Jack’s presentation!!  Not only did he fully entertain the crowd with his comedy hypnosis but he also provided the audience with some of the secrets of visionary thinking in order to achieve their personal and professional goals.  Almost a month later, people are still talking about it!  Thank you so much!”

– S. D’eredita, Sr. Vice President, AXA

What others are saying


“We really enjoyed the Jack Hirsh Experience… Absolutely appropriate for a corporate group setting. People back at the office are still talking about it weeks later!”

Home Depot

“Amazing job working with our associates! What a great show, funny and everyone enjoyed it. I would recommend Jack to anyone looking for an evening of laughs.”

Home Depot

“Everyone is still talking about the great time had by all.  People are saying they never laughed so hard!  …the best time ever.  Would have him again.”

Cornell University

“It was a very inteligent presentation and everyone enjoyed it.  Thank you so much!

Cornell University

About Jack

As a speaker, author, and hypnotherapist, Jack Hirsh has always been fascinated by one thing: the process of personal change and improvement. He noticed early in his career that whether it’s at home or in the office, most of us struggle to make the kinds of improvements in our lives that we dream about achieving. We wish for the bigger house, the smaller waistline, and the better life, but can’t seem to motivate ourselves to achieve them.

Through years of work and research on the mind, he came to discover what the top 5% of performers in every field know – that real change comes from within. It doesn’t matter where you’ve come from, or what your goals are… you won’t reach them unless you can truly visualize them first.

Jack has shared his secrets for motivation and success with thousands through his book, articles, and keynotes speeches. His advice for audiences is to follow a simple, proven process for achieving the kind of change that really matters. If you’re ready to learn how make real and permanent improvements to your life and career, this is the one presentation you can’t miss.