Highly Informative – Wildly Entertaining – Bottom Line Results!!

Jack has shared his secrets for motivation and success with thousands through his book, articles, and presentations.

Jack’s presentations are 100% clean, business-friendly, and unlike anything you’ve seen or heard before. By combining his comedic skills with an expertise in the subconscious mind, Jack teaches your audience how to take control of their most important thought patterns, and to use them in ways that bring them closer to success. Best of all, Jack demonstrates these points in a fun, memorable way by using hypnosis and making your attendees the highlight of his presentation.

See More, Sell More: 60 minutes

Are your salespeople having one-sided conversations with buyers? Are they sharing proposals and product details without paying attention to nonverbal feedback? Selling doesn’t have to be a guessing game. It’s often easy to tell the moment when a sale has been won or lost… but only if you know what to look for, and can separate what customers are saying from the excitement or anxiety they are displaying. In this keynote presentation, performance and persuasion expert Jack Hirsh shares simple body language reading tips your staff can use to start selling more today. It’s an entertaining and interactive session your team will be talking about, and putting to use, for years to come!

In this presentation, Jack decodes the secrets of body language for salespeople in every field or industry. Armed with these simple skills your team will be able to close more sales, at higher margins starting today.

Click HERE for a downloadable one sheet to share with your team

Take aways / Learner outcomes:

  • Create instant rapport by sending the right signals to customers and clients
  • Learn to identify the 7 distinct facial expressions and their real meanings
  • Understand body language clusters and the difference between position and transition
  • Spot the nonverbal signs it’s time to back off or go for the close
  • Master the 1 proven technique that can boost sales by 20% or more instantly

Transform Your Mind, Transform Your Business: 60 or 90 minutes

Jack has always been fascinated by one thing: the process of personal change and improvement. He noticed early in his career that whether it’s at home or in the office, most of us struggle to make the kinds of improvements in our lives that we dream about achieving. We wish for the corner office, the promising career, and the better life, but can’t seem to motivate ourselves to achieve them.

Through years of work and research on the mind, he came to discover what the top 5% of performers in every field know – that real change comes from within. It doesn’t matter where you’ve come from, or what your goals are… you won’t reach them unless you can truly visualize them first.

Jack’s advice for audiences is to follow a simple, proven process for achieving the kind of change that really matters. If you’re ready to learn how to make real and permanent improvements to your life and career, this is the one presentation you can’t miss.  Click HERE for a downloadable one sheet to share with your team

 Take aways / Learner outcomes:

  1. Apply 3 practical techniques to get and stay focused on goals
  2. Overcome self limiting beliefs
  3. Control emotions in high stake situations and embrace change

The Mental Aspects of Sales: 3 hour seminar

What most people don’t realize is the true obstacle that holds them back from improving their work performance, winning the big client, or earning a top bonus isn’t the competition, a lack of opportunities, or even the economy… it’s a lack of self-belief and lasting determination.  In other words, it is all in their heads.

This seminar is a more in-depth study of the topics covered in Jack’s Keynote, “Transform Your Mind, Transform Your Business” along with a bonus segment on creating instant rapport with clientele.

The bonus section on building instant rapport will give your attendees a new insight into the subconscious workings of human interaction.  These subtle and often unknown techniques will definitely give them a competitive advantage.  Click HERE for a downloadable one sheet to share with your team

Take aways / Learner outcomes:

1.     How to set goals you can achieve

2.     Why failure and success occur in the mind

3.     How to deal with setbacks

4.     Using 4 practical techniques to reach any goal

5.    Bonus: Creating instant rapport with clients